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Small Business Spotlight: Pineapple Interiors, Co-owned by Tammie O'Brien

Tammie O'Brien is the co-owner of Pineapple interiors, the premier Home Staging and Furniture Rental company in the Denver metro area! Pineapple Interiors specializes in staging vacant homes for Realtors, investors, builders and homeowners. They also perform occupied home consultations, where they will do a walkthrough of the home with the seller (and frequently Realtor as well) and make recommendations to get their home ready for sale. They love transforming spaces and getting people the highest dollar for their home!

Pineapple Interiors has been around for almost 17 years now! Tammie co-founded this business with Shelley Brouwer, and later Shelley's husband, Curt, joined the team. This once small business has now grown to over 20 employees, 3 trucks, 1 van and a 30,000 square foot warehouse!

After 17 years in the business, Tammie and her team know that staging makes a difference in this market. In our interview, Tammie comments about the value of staging, "People have a hard time visualizing a space, and when the space is empty, people tend to notice every flaw, even it it is not a big deal, like a tiny scratch on the floor or bad paint touch up job." One of the biggest misconceptions about a space is that people think empty rooms will feel larger...FALSE! Staged rooms actually can make the space feel larger and can help people see appropriate sizes of furniture for the room. Staging can even help take away from a bad wall paint color or give appropriate color schemes for furniture in the space!

How does their process work? Most often, they can get most of their needed information via phone call where they ask about which rooms need to be staged, square footage, scope of the project and area of town, and then are able to provide a quote. They usually do an in-person preview of the space following the consultation and then head to the design table! "The whole process is pretty hands-off, which is a huge stress relief to clients and Realtors," Tammie says. It usually only takes them a half-day to set up the space after the consultation so it is photo ready!

Tammie and her company love the satisfaction of making the houses look great and seeing great results! Pineapple Interiors is our go to staging company and we are always very happy with their work! They are extremely reliable, flexible, professional and timely. They really know how to transform a space for optimal selling appeal! For anyone looking for any staging needs, reach out to Pineapple Interiors! You will not be disappointed!

Pineapple Interiors Contact Information:



Address: 4950 E Asbury Ave #4, Denver, CO 80222

Instagram: @pineapple_intrs

Facebook: Pineapple Interiors Colorado

Twitter: @pineapple_intrs

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