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Looking to buy, sell or invest in a state we don't serve?

We've got you covered.

My team and I have worked tirelessly to create a national referral network by partnering with other rockstar agents in nearly every major metro throughout the United States. We only work with agents we trust to make sure you get the very best.


The best part?


When we refer you to an agent in our network, we get to keep an eye on your deal. That means you can still ask us questions and get our insight, even across state lines. In short, you get two phenomenal agents instead of one.

I'd Like an Agent Referral in my State!

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Here are some of the areas where we have great referral partners!


Birmingham, Alabama 

Montgomery, Alabama 

Anchorage, Alaska 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Tuscon, Arizona 

Sedona, Arizona 

Prescott, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona

Little Rock, Arkansas

Los Angeles, California

San Diego, California

San Jose, California

San Francisco, California

Fresno, California

Sacramento, California 

Long Beach, California

Oakland, California

Bakersfield, California

Anaheim, California

Riverside, California

Santa Ana, California

Tahoe, California

Denver, Colorado  

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado

Bridgeport, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut

Stamford, Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut

District of Columbia (D.C.

Jacksonville, Florida  

Miami, Florida

Tampa, Florida 

Orlando, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

Naples, Florida

Sarasota, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia 

Augusta, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia

Macon, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia


Boise, Idaho

Meridian, Idaho

Sandpoint, Idaho

Nampa, Idaho

Chicago, Illinois

Aurora, Illinois

Naperville, Illinois

Joliet, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana

Carmel, Indiana

Des Moines, Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Davenport, Iowa

Wichita, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas

Louisville, Kentucky 

Lexington, Kentucky

New Orleans, Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Shreveport, Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana

Portland, Maine

Baltimore, Maryland 

Boston, Massachusetts

Worcseter, Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Detroit, Michigan

Grand Rapids Michigan

Ann Arbor Michigan

Minneapolis, Minnesota  

St Paul, Minnesota 

Jackson, Mississippi

Kansas City, Missouri  

St. Louis, Missouri 

Billings, Montana

Missoula, Montana

Bozeman, Montana

Omaha, Nebraska

McCook, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

Las Vegas, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Manchester, New Hampshire 

Newark, New Jersey

Jersey City, New Jersey

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Sante Fe, New Mexico

New York City, New York

Buffalo, New York

Rochester, New York

Syracuse, New York

Albany, New York 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Raleigh/Cary, North Carolina

Greensboro, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina

Fargo, North Dakota

Bismark, North Dakota

Columbus, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 

Cincinnati, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Portland, Oregon

Salem, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Erie, Pennsylvania

Providence, Rhode Island

Charleston, South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 


Memphis, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee

Houston, Texas 

San Antonio, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Austin, Texas 

Fort Worth, Texas

Harlingen, Texas

El Paso, Texas

Arlington, Texas

Corpus Christi, Texas

Plano, Texas

Salt Lake City, Utah

Burlington, Vermont 

Virginia Beach, Virgina 

Seattle, Washington 

Spokane, Washington

Vancouver, Washington

Bellevue, Washington

Tacoma, Washington

Charleston, West Virginia 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Madison, Wisconsin

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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