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Local Business Spotlight: Leo Sideras, Photographer/Videographer

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Leo Sideras headshot

Leo Sideras is the owner/founder of Leo Sideras Photography based out of Colorado. He has been working in photography for almost 9 years now and has been full-time for almost 1.5 years! His bread and butter is outdoor lifestyle photography and videography. He has also been doing a lot of drone work!

(Photo Credit: Leo Sideras)

His time and talents have recently been split between outdoor lifestyle and music/creative spaces. He has also been enjoying doing studio work for musicians! Leo can plan and direct all forms of photography and film projects, including single and multi-day shoots. Most recently, he returned from 2 months of filming in Colombia creating a story in the world of coffee!

(Photo Credit: Leo Sideras)

Leo's favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to collaborate with people and new clients. He enjoys the new energy that people bring. Leo states, "Photography not just business, it is a way to interface with people."

Leo prides himself on his level of expertise in the field. There is a lot that goes on behind the images. He gets to bring all of his past experience with outdoor recreation, travel and logistics planning to the table to help create the best plan and unique shoots that meet the needs of each client.

(Photo Credit: Leo Sideras)

I actually went to the same college at Leo's sister, who introduced me to Leo! I have known Leo for almost 7 years now! My website has the video he made for my business. You can find that here!

I can attest to the fact that he is extremely professional, timely, flexible and dependable. Leo is not one to settle. He prides himself on his high-quality project execution, creativity and intricate pre-production work and planning with clients.

Leo is adventurous, passionate and truly loves being able to help clients create the best experience and shoot in his favorite place, the outdoors. Want to get in touch with Leo? His contact information is below!

Leo's Contact Information:

Phone: (440) 666-1568

(Photo Credit: Leo Sideras)

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