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Small Business Spotlight: Ian Brown, Co-Owner of Sewer Lines Only

Sewer Lines Only is our go-to sewer inspection and repair company in Denver! They work on residential sewer line repairs and replacements within the C-470 loop. They also do residential water line replacements. Although they have only been in business for five years, they have quickly become one of the most reputable and respected sewer companies in the greater Denver area!

Ian Brown, Morgan Brown and Wyatt Chadwick are the owners of Sewer Lines Only. Five years ago, Ian and Morgan were both working in the real restate industry and also in the construction sector. They flipped over 70 homes in Denver during that time! Through the process of flipping homes and working with contractors, they quickly realized there was an opportunity to become a better, more organized and ethical contractor. They ultimately decided to work on sewers because they had completed a couple of repairs themselves during the flipping process, they enjoyed it, and they were comfortable with the licensing process!

Sewer Lines Only is our go-to because they are the most professional and ethical in the business. I am speaking from my personal experience when I say that they are phenomenal with their communication and offer excellent customer service! Every time you email or call them, they are quick to get back to you, and they truly act as professionals throughout the project. One unique characteristic about them is that they come out to the site to see the work in person, give you a quote, then stand behind that price. Whereas with other sewer contractors, you can send them a sewer scope video and they will quote from the video, but once they come out to do the work, the cost might increase. Sewer Lines Only also offers a 5-year transferable warranty. Additionally, they own all of their own equipment and do not sub-contract out like many other companies do.

If you are looking for an awesome sewer repair company, I could not recommend Sewer Lines Only more highly!

To get in touch with them, give them a call or check out their website!


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