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Small Business Spotlight: Barpath Fitness, Owned by Katie Kollath & Heather Hamilton

This month's small business spotlight is featuring an LGBTQ+ owned business - Barpath Fitness! Barpath Fitness is a remote fitness, coaching and online personal training company, owned by Katie Kollath and Heather Hamilton. These two gals are two of my best clients and I cannot recommend them enough!

What is their focus you might ask? Their goal is to help women get stronger without restricting calories. They like to take time to educate their clients on how and why it is important to build/gain muscle, and how this approach can help them achieve whatever their goals may be.

How does their remote program work? The basis of the program is their app! They create personalized workouts and nutritional coaching (if you choose) based upon your goals. Your personalized regimen includes demo videos and instructions of each exercise so you know how to perform them correctly and safely! The reps, sets and rest periods are also included with your workout so you can easily follow along. You complete the workouts and upload photos or videos of yourself completing the exercises. Within 24 hours, Katie gets back to you on the videos you uploaded and provides any adjustments you need to make to improve your form. As we mentioned, nutritional coaching is also available, and encouraged, as both fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand for optimal success!

Nervous about having remote coaching/training? No need to worry! You still get plenty of feedback and they hold you accountable! They monitor your completed workouts so they can keep track of your performance and compliance. They also check in frequently to provide encouragement and see how you are doing with the program, so they can adjust accordingly to help you meet your goals.

Who do they work with? ANYONE! They specifically love working with people who are prioritizing their health and able to be consistent. Although they love working with all people, they tend to have many busy, professional women in their 30-40's who are ready put their health first. Both Katie and Heather have extensive backgrounds in fitness and exercise physiology and also specialize in injury prevention and post-rehab training. But don't stress if you're still unsure - they do a free consultation to make sure online personal training is a good fit for you!

Want to learn more about health, fitness and their company? Follow them on social media (listed below) and/or check out their weekly podcast, "Stronger Than Your Boyfriend", that discusses health & fitness!

Where do I find them?

Instagram: @barpathfitness

Facebook: Barpath Fitness, LLC

Podcast: Stronger Than Your Boyfriend (Website, Spotify, Apple, Stitch)

How did I find Barpath Fitness? Katie & Heather are two very loyal clients of mine who purchased their primary residence last year. The two of them are looking to purchase an investment property here in the near future as well. It is so fun to watch and help women build an empire for themselves!

If anyone is looking for a personal trainer or fitness coaching, please reach out to Katie and Heather! You will not regret it!

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