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Sam Bought A House Hack!

Sam and I met through a past client of mine named Rylan. Provided that Rylan has purchased 2 house hacks from me and I house hack myself, he thought we would be a good fit! After meeting Sam, I knew we could accomplish his goals in a short amount of time if we could quickly get on the same page around what a good house hack looks like.

The first time Sam and I got together to look at houses, we had some re-aligning and expectation setting to do around an ideal purchase price vs long term rentability and short term profitability. After a few more houses and running through the numbers on each of them, it clicked for Sam. Soon enough, we were looking at slightly more expensive homes that had substantially more square footage, better house hacking layouts, double the amount of bedrooms, and more potential for higher rates of appreciation.

Once we were able to identify the right type of house, now it was all about finding the right home! And soon enough, we did just that (pictures and details are below)! After a bit of back and forth with the Seller and Listing Agent, Sam was able to get under contract on his very first offer. Despite numerous obstacles along the way, the home appraised above value and we negotiated a substantial amount in inspection credits. Most importantly, Sam closed on a property that will make him boat loads of money over the long-term, thanks to his ability to push himself a bit outside of his initial comfort zone and into a better investing mindset.

Congrats, Sam!

Property details:

  • Built in 1984

  • 1787 square feet

  • 4 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • 17,076 square foot lot (Meets standard to build a 2nd dwelling unit)

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