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RealTrends Top 1.5% of Realtors In The US: My Biggest Award Yet

I am so excited to report that I have been announced and awarded as being in the top 1.5% of real estate agents in the United States by volume sold, out of an estimated 1.6 million agents!!!

This Is Nuts

Thinking back on this wild ride is kind of crazy. I got licensed to be an agent back in 2017 and held my license on a part time basis for about 3 years before selling my painting business. I was really hesitant to make the jump into real estate over those 3 years because I actually thought that I might fail at it. I had certainty and stability in a business that was going well (my painting company) and I was extremely nervous to start from scratch. After a cash buyer approached me to buy my painting company, I knew the universe was forcing me out of comfortability and into the unknown. Thinking back on that uncertainty and doubt just 3.5 years ago is somewhat comical now. Man am I glad that I made the jump!

It has been a wild ride and I could not have done it without all of you! Scaling and running a big business is one thing, but operating a business that is almost exclusively referral based is another. I literally could not be where I am without people spreading the good word about the service they received. Additionally, when I receive a referral, there is a built in pressure to make sure I do my absolute best for this new person, knowing how their experience could affect past and future client referrals. I don't take the responsibility lightly and the weight of this has forced a TON of growth in me.

Thank you to every single person who has helped me get through a deal, who has provided a quote for some sort of repair, who has worked on my clients' properties, who has referred me a client, who has used me as an agent, who has left me a review, who has engaged with anything that we do on social media, who has shared a social post, who has read a newsletter, and so much more. I sincerely could not have done this without the support of my sphere and I am super grateful for everyone who has supported me along the way.

How It's Been

Frankly, this has not been an easy journey. Like most business owners who are passionate, I quickly became obsessed with building this business. I poured, quite literally, everything I had in me to get to this point as fast as I did. This career in particular has pushed me to my limits. It has forced me to soften some of my edges and to really work on establishing boundaries with people, in an industry where there are none. I've had to cancel a lot of social plans and have had to prioritize work over my life in order to reach this point. I did showings on crutches for several months, I cancelled date nights with my wife, I totally abandoned self-care, and so much more. All of these sacrifices were "worth it" in a work capacity, but, to be completely honest, they were not worth it in terms of how they impacted my soul and being.

Burn-out has been real for about 2 years. This burn-out has forced me to prioritize my health, my energy, the energy I allow around me, how I treat relationships, etc. With the help of a few great business coaches, a few talented therapists, my support circle, some great mentors, my team, and a wonderful brokerage, I have experienced a wave of personal growth that I will forever be grateful for.

What's Next?

I've spent a TON of my time building out a great team over the last 2 years. I have an incredible full-time assistant who works on all of our listings and files, as well as 4 bad ass agents. These agents are able to take on clients for me when I have reached my capacity so that I can still have a life. They are also (and more commonly) able to cover me when I have a wedding to attend, or need a morning to myself, etc with showings, attending inspections, etc. Creating this organization of creative, driven, ethical people has started to ensure that I have more balance in my life, while still being able to service all of the great people who come my way with the highest service level possible.


Thank you again to everyone who has been a part of this journey, through the ups and the downs. I by no means want to come across as ungrateful, but I want to be honest about my experience beyond the photos of me smiling with awards. This was f***ing hard. Yet, I am forever grateful for your loyalty and your trust, and even more so, for the growth that this career has pushed upon me. Cheers to another great year ahead and the many memories that will be made along the way! I am VERY excited for what it next in this business and in this life. Thanks for reading.

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