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Rachel: Westminster Condo Owner!

Rachel was referred to me by one of my favorite past clients (Thank you Fiona!). Rachel and I had a buyer consultation, hit it off pretty quickly and then got her approved with an awesome Lender (Cher Cruz with Academy Mortgage)!

Rachel and I looked at properties for a couple of weeks, as we tried to really narrow in on what it was she wanted and what would be the best fit for her. After a few sets of showings, we ended up going back to a place that she saw in the first week of looking, as it was still on the market. Going back into the unit a second time, she quickly realized it was everything she wanted from a unit and we quickly got an offer together!

We got the condo for such a great price and she was putting enough down that she received an appraisal waiver! We also were able to negotiate a new furnace, new water heater and new AC unit while under contract (approximately $10k in seller credits)! Rachel is in a great position overall and I could not be more thrilled for her!

Congratulations Rachel! You were awesome to work with and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Property Details:

-Built in 2004

-1,317 Square Feet

-2 Bedrooms

-2 Bathrooms

-1 Car Attached Garage

-Gas Fireplace

-East Facing Private Balcony

-Backs up to The Ranch Golf Course & Open Space

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