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Nick & Jenna: First-Time Aurora Homeowners

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I met Jenna when I helped a couple of her friends purchase a home in Aurora last year! The clients I originally helped lived out of state and wanted somebody to watch over the house until they moved to Colorado. They had me meet Jenna at the property to give her the keys, and to do a walkthrough with her so she could take care of their house in their absence!

Upon that walkthrough, Jenna and I got along really well and she asked if she could reach out when her and her partner were looking to buy in the future! I said yes, of course! Fast forward, and Nick and Jenna reached out and were interested in purchasing a home a couple of months ago.

From my very first consultation, I fell in love with the two of them. They are incredible people and absolutely hilarious. We went out and started looking for homes in no time, which was great because I couldn't wait to hang out with them!

After just our second set of showings, they found a house that they really liked and decided to pursue. And boom! We quickly went under contract on it! Through the inspection, we were able to negotiate credits, we got them almost a $12,000 concession with the initial offer to help buy down their interest rate, AND the home appraised at value!

The deal went extremely smoothly and these two closed on a great home in Aurora in just a few short weeks with an amazing financial set up!

Nick and Jenna, thank you so much for your trust and your business, and most importantly, your friendship. I look forward to spending time with the two of you moving forward and could not be more excited for you closing on your first home! Congratulations!

Property Details:

-Built in 1974

-1,892 Square Feet

- 4 Bedrooms

-2 Bathrooms

-1 Car Attached Garage

- Move-In Ready

-Great Space for a Rental Opportunity with Separate Living Spaces, Kitchen, Laundry Room and Entrance

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