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Milly Bought A Town Home!

Milly and I met through several lovely past clients of mine. We jumped on a Zoom call quickly after being introduced to run through the process of buying a home. After hashing out a timeline and next steps, Milly and I parted ways. Soon enough, it was time to shop!

The Spring market was no joke and Milly lost out on several offers. But in no time she ended up under contract on an awesome town home in Lakewood! The deal went well and the appraisal came in high. The unit is laid out perfectly for Milly to house hack her way to financial freedom! To see Milly's awesome house, check out the stats and pics below.

Congratulations Milly! You were wonderful to work with!

Property details:

Built in 1982

1931 square feet

3 bedroom

3 bathroom

1 car garage + 1 reserved space


HOA + Pool

Outdoor patio

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