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Matt: New Denver Condo Homeowner!

Matt and I met on a boat in Antartica! I was down there for a 3-week scuba diving expedition, and he was down there for a great vacation. There was a small group of younger individuals on the boat, and we all quickly became friends! Matt and I had the opportunity to go sea kayacking together and check out some seals while we were there. We were also able to do some mountaineering and ice climbing! The trip was awesome and needless to say, almost everyone I met on that boat has become a life-long friend.

Fast forward a few years, Matt reutrns back to where he is from, the Cherry Creek area. We arranged to get together for drinks to catch up, and he was also thinking about purchasing a property. By the time we got together, Matt had identified an off-market opportunity with a family friend that was a perfect fit for him! Within a few days, I was representing him on the deal, and we were moving towards the finish line.

While the deal may not have been the smoothest I have done, ultimately, all parties won and we got to the closing table! Thank you Matt for your trust through this process. I am so happy for you that you now have a place to call your own. Wishing you the best on your new homeowner journey!

Property Details:

-Built in 2014

-1,160 Square Feet

-1 Bedroom

-2 Bathrooms

-Garage Parking

-Rooftop Deck

-Jetted & Heated Pool

-Fitness Center

(This was an off-market deal. There are no photos to show of the property.)

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