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Maddy Reynolds: Solar & Energy Efficiency Consultant

Meet Maddy Reynolds, the energy efficiency consultant you need to know. Maddy works with PUR ENERGY in Denver, Colorado. While they are a newer name in the solar market, they are run by a team of people with 35+ years in the solar and energy efficiency industry. Unlike many solar companies, Maddy and PUR take a look at a home's energy usage as a whole to figure out where you need more energy optimization and what solutions would be a good fit for your home. While they primarily install solar, they also look at and analyze your insulation, windows, thermostat, electrical panel, roof, etc. Additionally, PUR ENERGY has unique solutions for financing their solar panels to make it affordable, or in many cases, profitable for homeowners to make their home more efficient!

PUR ENERGY was founded by Aaron Sandoval and Mikol Rosenbalm. Aaron and Mikol were with other solar companies previously, but decided (like many great entrepreneurs) that they could go out and do it better on their own. And so they did! In addition to looking at a home's total energy picture to make great recommendations, PUR ENERGY also

Maddy previously worked in exterior renovation sales after growing up in the construction and real estate industries. She loves helping people and really loves homes. She also finds it super fun to be a "girl in a boy's world". Maddy absolutely raves about the culture at PUR ENERGY and has a ton of fun working with the company.

If you are interested in speaking to Maddy about your home, you can contact her directly at 303-941-7411 via text or call, and/or email her the front and back of your most recent electrical bill at

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