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Local Business Spotlight: Halleh Omidi, PC

Updated: Mar 27

This month's business spotlight shines on Halleh Omidi, PC. As a Partner at Hogan Omidi, PC, Halleh dedicates her practice entirely to family law, including divorces, parental responsibilities, post-decree matters, appeals, and pre/post-nuptial agreements.

With a career spanning since 2011, Halleh's courtroom experience enhances her ability to navigate complex legal issues and guide clients towards optimal solutions. While she excels as a litigator, Halleh recognizes the value of finding creative resolutions outside the courtroom, particularly in family cases. Halleh takes pride in her exceptional work ethic, displaying diligence, passion, and timeliness in all that she does.

What sets Halleh and her practice apart? Hogan Omidi, PC excels in handling complex cases. They are adept at serving high net worth individuals, while also catering to a diverse client base. They are highly inclusive of the LGBTQ community and possess extensive experience in assisting families within this community. Their exclusive focus on family law ensures a depth of expertise and dedicated service.

Halleh's affiliation with the AAML Organization, as one of Colorado's 19 fellows, underscores her commitment to excellence in matrimonial law. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a prestigious association, brings together top family law practitioners dedicated to addressing complex family matters ethically and professionally.

Curious to learn more about how Halleh can assist you? Visit her website or reach out to schedule an initial consultation with her office. Let Halleh guide you through your family law matters with expertise and care!

Halleh Omidi, PC

Phone: 303-691-9600

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