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Lindey & Celeste: Finally Got a House!

Warning: Not all of my deals are easy.

I do not at all remember how Lindey and Celeste met me. It feels like an eternity that we were house shopping together in the wild west of the Spring market. Nonetheless, despite a ridiculous number of offers, lots of showings, and even a terminated contract, these two FINALLY got an amazing house!!!

The appraisal came in absurdly high and we negotiated them getting a brand new roof. Even though the journey was tough, these two were very persistent and didn't give up. I could not be more proud of them for completing the difficult journey and obtaining home ownership! Now I will eagerly await photos of their remodel! Pics of the house are below!

Congratulations on securing a GREAT house!

Property Details:

Built in 1986

1770 Square Feet

4 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

2 Car Attached Garage

Sits On A Park!!!!!

7,000 Square Foot Lot

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