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Local Business Spotlight: Kurt Grantham, CPA, MBA: President & CEO Of Catalyst Firm, LLC

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Headshot of Kurt Grantham

This month's business spotlight features my accountant Kurt Grantham, President & CEO of Catalyst Firm, LLC, formerly Grosser & Co. Kurt. Kurt's company helps small businesses create proactive and healthy financial practices for their business and life. They support a lot of the financial backbone of your company, such as accounting, taxes, payroll and consulting.

Kurt states, "A lot of this work can be transactional and we like to approach it in a relational way." Kurt and his company enjoy helping clients build the business of their dreams while still having a life.

He likes to take his approach from a tax planning perspective, as well as educating his clients on tax planning. Kurt tries to get ahead of your taxes to minimize them now and in the future. Because of this, Kurt tends to meet with his clients more regularly.

Kurt enjoys working with people who are creative and have a vision for their business. His background is in acting and marketing, which has made his approach to his work more on the creative front. Kurt prides himself on his relational approach to his business. He really tries to get to know each client and does not give out "cookie-cutter" advice. He wants to know you for the long run! He is also great at helping clients see the big picture when they have multiple things going on.

Kurt has been in and out of the family business for the past 25 years. They relaunched the family firm 10 years ago back in September of 2013 and are now currently rebranding to the Catalyst Firm, LLC.

Kurt's favorite part of the job is getting to hear his clients' new dreams and visions they are trying to fulfill, as well as figuring out how he can help them. He is a visionary guy and loves to help clients who are full of desire to change things for the better - whether that be in their personal lives or financial entrepreneurial journey.

Kurt frequently works with Realtors in the area and real estate has been apart of his life for some time now. At one point, Kurt thought he would end up in commercial real estate financing. Working with real estate has taught him a lot about the sales process and investing. He specifically loves helping people with their tax advantages with real estate.

I have been working with Kurt for several years now and have nothing but good things to say about him! I highly recommend Kurt and his company for any tax planning needs!

Want to get in touch with Kurt and see how he can help you? Give him a call or send Kurt an email! Kurt typically provides a few complementary meetings to make sure you both are a good fit for one another. Contact information below:

Kurt Grantham, CPA, MBA

Catalyst Firm, LLC (Formerly Grosser & Co.)

Address: 6500 S Quebec St, #300, Centennial, CO 80111

Phone: 720-617-0777

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