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Kayty Perez : Photographer + My Better Half

Meet my better half and life partner, Kaytlyn Perez. Kayty is a traveling photographer based out of Denver. She specializes in weddings, elopements, business branding, portraits, and life event photos (engagements, family photos, maternity shoots, etc.). Kayty has a beautiful style of photography that she describes as bold and candid. She tries to incorporate natural lighting, unique angles and raw emotion as much as possible. Kayty focuses on capturing timeless and authentic photographs, and the product of her approach is reflected in the quality of her work.

Kayty started her photography business when she was just 21 years old. Although, she has always been interested in photography. Since a young age, Kayty moved around a lot given her family scenario. She found it difficult to try to make new friends and start over in new places while not forgetting the old friends, spaces and memories. She was able to identify the value of photos in her own life and how they helped her to remember the good times through a lot of the hard times.

Kayty is now approaching her 4-year mark in the industry and has been loving pursuing her genuine passion. She enjoys the vulnerability of her work and how she can create connections with other people and their lives. Given her own background, she sincerely treasures the opportunity to capture moments for others to remember and cherish.

If you are interested in seeing more of Kayty’s work or scheduling a shoot with her, you can get in touch in a few ways! To see her work or connect with her, head over to her website at or to her Instagram or Facebook. Her handle is @KaytlynPerezPhotography on both sites. Her phone number is 720-347-1725, her email is

As someone who knows Kayty very personally, AND has hired and worked with her professionally on numerous occasions, I can assure you that you will be nothing short of impressed by not only her work, but by her as a human. Scroll for a few more pics!

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