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July Your Castle Newsletter

Updated: Jul 31, 2023


Colorado Property Owners Protest Against Record Tax Hikes

There are no boring days in the local housing market! Colorado homeowners are protesting and appealing property valuations at an unprecedented rate, with protests increasing by 300% compared to previous cycles. The surge in protests follows a wild real estate market over the past few years, in which home prices doubled in mountain communities and increased up to 50% in metro areas. Property tax bills due in 2024 and 2025 are expected to rise by at least 50%.

The “urban exodus” during the pandemic brought a flood of new buyers to Colorado, resulting in bidding wars and record-setting prices. Assessors have to set values based on sales between 2020 and 2022, even though the market has since cooled. County boards of equalization are bracing for a tidal wave of appeals from property owners. The recent repeal of the Gallagher Amendment further compounds the situation, leaving homeowners facing the largest annual increase in property tax bills in decades. Property owners hope for legislative solutions to ease the burden, similar to California's limits on annual property tax increases. Governor Jared Polis has proposed Proposition HH to address the issue, but it faces opposition and legal challenges. Sadly, many fear that the dramatic tax bill increases could force them to sell their properties.

(Story/Image Source: The Colorado Sun, The Outsider, Original Author: Jason Blevins Link:


Busier than Spring, but Still Slow

The Denver real estate market in June continues to show resilience amidst ongoing challenges. Compared to the previous year, prices remained stable with a slight 0.3% dip. However, compared to May, prices rose by 2.5%. It is important to note that we are experiencing a seasonal increase in the number of active homes this time of year, but it is a bit delayed. Normally spring is busy in residential real estate, and summer tapers off a bit. This year, spring was a bit slower, and now summer is a bit more active.

In June, active listings rose to 6,070, reflecting a 16% increase from May. Condos performed impressively, with a 22% improvement in the listing count, while detached listings saw a 6% drop. The low level of sales volume we experienced in the first half of the year will likely continue until the end of the year.

As we move forward the market may face further challenges, like a mild recession, and it is crucial to monitor the potential impact of mortgage rate fluctuations on your move. With mortgage rates remaining relatively high, buyer activity might experience a further slowdown. However, Denver's market is expected to maintain a delicate balance of supply and demand throughout the year, with prices remaining stable within a range of +/- 3%.

(Info Source: June 2023 DMAR Market Report, Lon Welsh, CEO of Your Castle Real Estate)


Don’t Overprice Your Home

Looking to sell your home in the next few months? Here's what you need to know. While up from May, the number of new listings brought to the market in June decreased significantly from the same time last year, by around 25%. The scarcity of inventory provides a potential advantage for sellers. After all, this is supposed to be the busy season! Although there has been a decline in sold listings as compared to last year, prices have remained relatively stable. This is great news for you.

(Listing Photo Courtesy of Jon Cole, Your Castle Real Estate. MLS# 1709927)

However, setting a competitive and realistic price is crucial to attract buyers and avoid longer list times. Homes that sit on the market longer usually need price reductions to move. Be mindful of these trends to maximize your selling opportunities. Reach out for a personalized market analysis and pricing strategy for your home!

(Info Source: June 2023 DMAR Market Report, Lon Welsh, CEO of Your Castle Real Estate)


Watch Those Mortgage Interest Rates!

Looking to buy a home? The current scarcity of inventory has led to competitive bidding situations, requiring buyers to be prepared and act quickly. Seek pre-approval from your lender to strengthen your position. Prices have remained relatively stable, presenting a window of opportunity for buyers to explore the market without facing drastic price increases. However, be mindful of how daily mortgage rate fluctuations will affect your monthly payments. Small rate changes can sometimes result in a several hundred dollars-per-month change in your monthly costs. Securing a rate lock on your property of choice as soon as possible will help you be more certain about your final month-to-month costs and provide a bit of welcome relief planning-wise. Reach out to today if you want guidance to navigate the home buying process and secure your dream home!

(Info Source: June 2023 DMAR Market Report, Lon Welsh, CEO of Your Castle Real Estate)

*We use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information. The real estate market changes often. We make no guarantees of future real estate performance and assume no liability for any errors of omission in the content.

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