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Jackie & Tad: Thornton First Time Homeowners!

Jackie and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend, who actually just came onto our team as an agent (Kristen Sutton). We ended up going on a camping trip, having her at our Halloween party and spending a variety of other social time with her. We got along super well and quickly became friends! Jackie was always curious about purchasing and it was a brief topic of conversation over a few years until she and her amazing partner, Tad, were eventually ready to buy!

Once Jackie and Tad were ready, we got them approved and came up with a timeline that made the most sense for them. After just a couple of weeks of looking, they found the house of their dreams! We submitted a strong offer to the seller and it was quickly accepted!

The deal went extremely smooth and soon enough, they were closing on their first home! I could not be more excited for you, Jackie & Tad, as you begin your home ownership journey! I am so happy that you both were patient and waited for what you really wanted! Congratulations again!

Property Details:

-Built in 1995

-2,786 Square Feet

-3 Bedrooms

-3 Bathrooms

-2 Car Attached Garage

-Solar Panels

-Backs up to Riverdale Open Space & Trails

-Air & Water Purification Systems

-Smart Security & Irrigation Systems

-All major systems updated

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