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I Changed Brokerages!

I am thrilled to announce my recent partnership with Your Castle Real Estate! As I have begun to share this news with those who are closest to me, the first questions I have received are "Why did you move?" and "How will this help your business?". Rather than keep these conversations private, I wanted to take a few minutes to share these answers with all of my trusted clients, industry partners and sphere.

"Why did you move?"

1. Purpose

While I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I had at Keller Williams and the awesome people I got to know along the way, Your Castle better aligns with my "why". I am in real estate so I can help others achieve wealth through real estate investing. Period. While I can and will still perform traditional residential real estate sales, Your Castle has a distinct focus and approach to working with all types of investors.

2. Accelerate My Growth

To put it simply, I was comfortable at Keller Williams. While comfort may feel good, it does not feel nearly as good as challenging and pushing myself to be better. I found myself in a position where I was going to finish in the top 5 to top 10 single agents for production in 2020 at my office. While this may sound like an accomplishment, it was actually a signal for me that I needed to move to a new office where I would have agents who would flat out make me look like a nobody.

"How will this help your business?"

1. Information

One of the most impressive things to me about Your Castle is their dedication to data and statistics. The office constantly puts out new information and stats on the market, as well as creates maps and infographics to make it all palatable to the public and extremely useful for investors. For example, here's a quick look (photo below) at a Gross Rent Multiplier Map for 3 bedroom investment properties. This map can be used to identify areas and neighborhoods around the greater Denver area where an investment property will most quickly get paid off based on the purchase price and rental income. Your Castle puts out new maps like these every year, along with market updates and other statistics on a more frequent basis.

Additionally, Your Castle is only in Colorado. This means they are solely focused on Colorado and the real estate market in the area. As a result, they are always in tune with what is happening right here and provide valuable information that is specific to the Front Range. Your Castle is so savvy in their market knowledge that they have published several books about investing in Colorado!

2. Training & Education

In my few short weeks at Your Castle, I have already attended and signed up for several investment-focused classes that I was not finding elsewhere. A few examples include "How many rental properties do I need to retire", "2021 Business Planning for Investor-Focused Agents", "Top 10 Mistakes Landlords Make & How to Avoid Them", "How to Build a Portfolio of 10 Rentals", and many more. Not only will I continue to become a more educated agent, but I will be able to take nuggets from these courses and morph them into my own. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to teach. That's why I already teach 1+ real estate classes a month! However, I am excited for the opportunity to teach new content on a regular basis without having to reinvent the wheel! And the cherry on top? YOU can attend some of these classes at Your Castle if you'd like to listen to someone other than me! (Here's an example of what a normal training day looks like at Your Castle)

3. Marketing Help

As a single agent, one of the most precious things in my business is my time. Marketing tends to take up a lot of it and I was previously doing every bit of marketing on my own. However, Your Castle now offers me a full marketing and design team at no additional cost. I am able to quickly fill out a request with the details of the design I need (for just about anything) and I get sent back the completed work. They even take care of the ordering, printing and shipping work for me! Needless to say, I am thrilled to have some more free time to focus on improving my client experience. Here's an example for Buyers!

4. Cost Savings to Reinvest

Provided that Your Castle is local and not a national franchise, their overhead is lower. As a result, they charge less to their agents than most brokerages and are able to offer a more boutique feel to their agents. This means I have more money to reinvest in my business and to help provide an even better client experience. And believe me, I will be reinvesting into my business. I'm kind of obsessed with it...

Wrapping up..

If you couldn't tell from this post, I'm excited to have a fresh start at an office that fully aligns with my passion and purpose in this business. If you have any questions about the transition, the office, or any of the resources I mentioned, reach out. I would love to chat. Until then, take care and have a great 2021.

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