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Greg & Danielle: Mountain Oasis Homeowners in Golden

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Greg & Danielle were referred to me by two of my favorite past clients and some of my closest friends, Dave and Betsy (Thank you so much Dave & Betsy!). Greg and Danielle were entertaining the idea of moving to Colorado. They contacted me back in July and said that they were totally uncertain if they wanted to move out here, but wanted to come out, nonetheless, and check out a couple of mountain properties. I was more than happy to take them out of course!

We went and toured 4 or 5 houses and ended with an awesome property on Mica Mountain Road, just up Golden Gate Canyon. It was a hit! They loved the property so much that they spent the next few weeks trying to figure out how to make it work. They got pre-approved, they figured out some things with their business back in Arkansas, and got their house in order and ready to sell.

A couple of months later, they were ready to make an offer on the property. Luckily it was still on the market after several price drops! We put together an offer in November and unfortunately, could not come to an agreement with the seller in terms of price. Just under 2 months later, Greg and Danielle flew back out to Colorado to look at the property again and to see if we could get a deal together.

After seeing the property again, along with several others, they decided to write a stronger offer and got the property under contract! We negotiated a phenomenal (truly) price with $34,000 in upfront concessions for a rate buy down! In regards to the appraisal, we'll just say they got a HECK of a deal for a house on 40 acres with great views! :)

I am not going to lie, this was arguably the most turbulent, difficult deal I have ever done; however, we got it to the finish line and I could not be more pumped for these two!

Congratulations Greg and Danielle on tying up this great property in the mountains for your retirement! I am so looking forward to having you two as residents of Colorado! Congrats again!

Property Details:

-Built in 1982

-3,755 Square Feet

-3 Bedrooms

-3 Bathrooms

-3 Car Garage

-40 Acre Lot

-City & Foothills Views

-Vaulted Ceilings Throughout the Home

-Heated Greenhouse & Shed

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