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Fiona: 1st Time Buyer & Forever Friend

Fiona was referred to me by 2 past clients (thank you Kelley and Cayley!!!) in the summer of 2020. We got her approved for a loan, up to speed on the process and out looking for a home in no time. On just her 2nd offer, we got her under contract on a brick ranch in Thornton! However, after the inspection came back, Fiona rightfully decided to terminate her contract. And honestly, thank goodness she did!

Within just 2 weeks, we got her under contract on a beautiful new build town home! We went under contract in September of 2020, knowing the estimated completion was first quarter of 2021. Because the home was going to be brand new, Fiona did not have to stress about what may come up on an inspection. She also didn't have to compete in the chaos of our market, over pay for a home, or quickly have to make arrangements to move.

By the time January rolled around, her new home was ready for an appraisal and inspection. And get this - the appraisal came in $17k OVER what she ended up paying for it! The minor issues that came up on her inspection were addressed quickly by the builder. As a result of waiting to lock in her interest rate, she was actually able to obtain an even BETTER interest rate than when she was under contract in September, AND ended up with a monthly payment that was several hundred dollars less than what she anticipated... HOA fees included!

Fiona is a perfect example of why you shouldn't force yourself into a home that isn't a good fit - there may be a MUCH better situation waiting out there for you. For a first time buyer, I was extremely impressed with Fiona's attitude, optimism and maturity throughout the entire process of terminating on a contract and purchasing another home. She is an absolute joy to be around and I am sincerely lucky to be able to call her a friend. She also has the best cheerleader of all time in her court - her boyfriend, John.

Congratulations on your amazing new home, Fiona! You deserve it!

P.S. Fiona has ALREADY referred a new client to me and wrote me an incredible review (see below). Thank you for literally being the best.

Fiona's Review:

"I'm not sure where to even begin on describing how incredible Chelsea is at what she does. I'm a first-time buyer, and came into the market with very little knowledge on what I was doing or what I even wanted. Chelsea walked me through every step of the process, taking time to answer my "million-texts-a-day" questions and fighting for timeslots to see every crazy listing that I wanted to scope out. With an extensive background in construction, she was very knowledgeable and helpful in pointing out the potential fixes that would be required in each house, how much work/money would actually be required to make those fixes, and every general concern she had for a particular listing. She treated every house showing as if she were looking at the home for herself, meaning she was brutally honest and kept the standards very high, never letting me settle for anything less than what I really wanted and needed.

On top of being the best-of-the-best with regards to the house listings themselves, she also was an incredible friend and confidante throughout the very emotional process. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line in each offer, she was adamant about making sure each offer was the right decision and was a great comfort when rejections came (to be clear, the rejected offers were not at all a reflection on Chelsea -- I was in the most competitive price range for a home in CO, so rejection was inevitable).

At one point, I had the unique experience of having my offer get accepted only to be followed by a horrible inspection report. Chelsea was my rock and was able to have the difficult conversation with me that backing out of the contract was the best option. It was absolutely the right choice to terminate the contract due to safety hazards in the house, but was a very difficult and emotional decision to make. Chelsea was very professional and always had my best interest in mind, and in retrospect I'm so thankful I don't own that particular home.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in Colorado, Chelsea is absolutely the person to work with." -Fiona W.

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