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Eric & Emily - House Hackers

Emily and I first met when she attended one of my monthly Home Buying 101 classes. She then decided that she wanted to come back for a second time with her husband, Eric. And so they did! After 2 Home Buying classes, we set up a time to meet one on one. I knew right away that these 2 were my type of client! Emily and Eric were looking for a House Hacking opportunity. (If you are unfamiliar with house hacking, come to one of your bi-monthly House Hacking Basics classes). Nothing gets me more excited than a first-time buyer with some serious investment goals!

After about 2 months worth of searching, these two finally got under contract on a SIX bedroom home in Lakewood. The house also features hard-wood floors, a beautiful fenced in yard, an outdoor built-in kitchen, a gas fire pit, a home movie theater, AND a separate heated studio in the backyard (perfect for yoga, a workshop, etc.). These two were willing to do what was necessary to achieve their dream and I could not be more thrilled for them!!

Be on the lookout for updates on their house hacking journey as they start finding tenants and building wealth!

I tell you what, there is nothing better than having other people pay down your mortgage as you are gaining appreciation on the value of the home. These 2 will be sitting pretty for retirement in no time!

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