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Charlie & Rachel: Happy New Denver Homeowners!

Charlie and Rachel filled out a contact form on my website. We set up a zoom meeting for a buyers consultation and hit it off pretty quickly! They were already approved through a lender and ready to start shopping right way.

We went and looked at a couple of homes. After our first set of showings, they decided to write an offer on the first home they saw. It was a beautiful, early 1900's home in the Congress park/Cheesman park area. Unfortunately, they did not get the house, but got right back out on the search! They went out for another couple of showings, wrote a second offer, and unfortunately, lost the second offer. We ended up drafting up a third offer on another home; however, we never ended submitting it.

A house we had seen early on was still sitting on the market and I had stayed in touch with the listing agent. The only problem with the house was that there was no off-street parking. I gave the listing agent this feedback after we originally saw it and a couple of weeks later the agent stated the seller would be willing to put in a parking pad for 1 off-street parking space. My clients were very interested in this opportunity and quickly submitted an offer on this great house! Soon enough they were under contract on their third submitted offer!

We negotiated a pretty substantial amount of inspection credits and the appraisal came in at value! Woohoo! Within just a few weeks, this lovely couple closed on their first home and I could not be more excited for them!

Congrats Charlie and Rachel! You reminded me of what's it's like to work with people that truly value you. I am so excited for the two of you and wish you nothing but the best!

Property Details:

-Built in 1898

-Speer Neighborhood

-2,024 Square Feet

-3 Bedrooms

-3 Bathrooms

-Fenced in Backyard

-1 off-street parking space

-Great Condition


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