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Local Business Spotlight: Mark Friberg, Owner of Our Drain & Sewer Company

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Logo for Our Drain & Sewer Company

This month's business spotlight features Mark Friberg, the owner of Our Drain & Sewer Company. Our Drain & Sewer company is a locally owned and operated family business. They provide a variety of services, but mainly focus on cleaning and scoping sewers or drains.

Our Drain & Sewer Company has been around since 2010 and Mark has been working in the sewer industry since 1998 (that's over 25 years of experience!). Mark's favorite part of the job is helping people. Mark and his team get great satisfaction from resolving any sewer and drain issues in order to help give you peace of mind, sell your home, or avoid a large replacement expense.

Their niche is real estate home sales. They are able to scope and clean out the sewer in one visit. They use a carbide chain knocker to descale the cast iron and cut out roots inside the pipes without having to dig or replace parts. For cleaning, they also use a spun, woven cable at the end of the carbide chain knocker that can expand or shrink in diameter, giving them the ability to clean various-sized pipes through the main floor drain. This allows for only periodic maintenance versus expensive replacements or large repairs.

Our Drain & Sewer Company also provides minor plumbing assistance including replacements of garbage disposals, faucets, toilets, shower values and any small leaks relating to the latter.

Mark and his company pride themselves on being timely and professional. They are a company with integrity and ethics, and follow the "Golden Rule". Their daily motivation is to help others and treat others with respect. If someone is trying to sell you a sewer replacement, they would love to opportunity to check it out. Our Drain & Sewer wants to bring the good back into the industry and won't take advantage of the customer.

I had Our Drain & Sewer Company out recently for a second opinion and they were able to do all of the work on site that day AND saved me a ton of money compared to other bids I had gotten. They were extremely professional, kind and took the time to educate me on what was going on in the sewer. I could not recommend them enough!

Interested in seeing how they can help you? Here is their contact information below:

Phone: 720 435-7315

Headshot of Mark Friberg

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