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Local Business Spotlight: Jeff Werpy, Owner of Moldckeck, Inc.

Updated: Jan 8

photo of mold on wall with cleaning spray and yellow gloves

This month's business spotlight features Jeff Werpy, the owner of Moldcheck, Inc. Moldcheck Inc. is a local, family-owned-and-operated business. Jeff founded Moldcheck Inc. in 2004 and has been around for 23 years now! Jeff and his company provide the following services: mold testing, mold inspection, mold mitigation and flood clean-up. They serve the Denver metro area and the Front Range.

Jeff loves helping people return their homes to a healthy state so they can be certain that all of their mold worries are gone. He enjoys specifically working with residential homeowners. Jeff and his company have tremendous experience with mold and home sales. They work closely with several hundred Realtors in the area to help with mitigation services and mold recommendations during the inspection process. Moldcheck Inc. believes it is important to provide mold education to all of their customers. Their website also has great information on all mold-related things!

Moldcheck Inc. prides themselves on offering a more personal approach when addressing mold issues in a home. They are not here to be "salesy". Moldcheck Inc. does not use pressuring and fear tactics in their explanation. They will tell you what you need to do in the safest way.

Jeff and his company provide timely and professional services. They offer reasonable rates, estimates and pricing. Their number one concern is providing safety to the occupants of the home!

Moldcheck Inc. is my go-to company for any mold-related needs. Jeff is fantastic to work with, and his communication and work is top notch!

Interested in learning more about Jeff and his company? Here is his contact information below. Reach out to him via their contact page or give them a call!

Phone: 720-971-9900

Photo of Jeff Werpy

Check of some of their past work in the photos below:

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