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Local Business Spotlight: Brynna Wilson, CEO of Citrine & Gold, LLC, Financial Services

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Headshot of Brynna Wilson

This month's business spotlight features Brynna Wilson (she/they), CEO of Citrine & Gold LLC, Financial Services. Brynna is an extremely talented LGBTQ+ financial advisor; however, Brynna provides much more than just financial advice. Brynna likes to see herself as a "money mindset coach". She works heavily with female business owners and entrepreneurs in the LGBTQ+ community. Brynna's goal is to help you understand and educate you on your finances, as well as help you change your beliefs and mindset with money.

One unique thing that Brynna offers are workshops to help people overcome "blocks" including: earning the right amount of money, charging what they are worth, and other blocks around limits and earning potentials. Brynna does these workshops virtually and in-person frequently throughout the year. Citrine and Gold also provides one-on-one coaching and financial planning for individuals and couples.

Brynna has been in the industry for 7 years now and has had her independent business since the fall of 2021. She sees herself as a non-traditional, financial advisor. Brynna enjoys making finances more fun and obtainable. One thing Brynna enjoys most about the job is when she can change someone's perspective on how they see their finances and what they achieve in their life. Brynna prides herself on being a good listener, creative and having a great sense of wonder, which is also one of the core values in the business. Brynna is Reiki certified and notes she likes to bring the spiritual aspect into finances.

Citrine & Gold Goal Packet

I met Brynna a few years back at a Queer Business Alliance outing and she has been a great resource ever since! Brynna has also been working with two of our team members recently, who have seen significant improvements in just a few short months!

Interested in learning more about Brynna and Citrine & Gold? Check out Brynna's website where you can fill out an inquiry form for a discovery call! Contact information is below!

Contact Information:

Instagram: @citrineandgold

Phone: (540)960-1010

Address: 9635 W Colfax Ave STE 302

Lakewood, CO 80215

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