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Brandon Ridder : Insurance Guru

Meet Brandon Ridder, the insurance guru. Brandon is a highly driven and competent insurance broker. One of the things I love about working with Brandon is the nature of the company he works with. Goosehead Insurance is the fastest growing independent insurance brokerage in the United States. They have 80 insurance carrier relationships across the US and over 25 in Colorado. What does that mean for you? This means that when Brandon puts together a quote for you, he is not confined to just the current offerings of his particular insurance agency the way traditional insurance agents are. Instead, he shops across all 25+ carriers to see who is offering the best rates at that time for your particular needs. By doing so, you will inevitably receive the best rates you can find for home, auto, renter’s, landlord, life, commercial, and umbrella insurance policies.

Although Brandon is just 26 years old, he is in the top 1% of producers for Goosehead Insurance. He loves the competitive nature of the business and the flexible work schedule he is offered. But above all, Brandon finds his work to be extremely rewarding. He loves helping people make good decisions about their life and what insurance coverage they actually need. From my personal experience with Brandon and the clients he has worked with, I can tell you that he is speedy, reliable, diligent, and focused on long-term relationships. He is a phenomenal partner in my business and I cannot recommend him enough.

If you’re interested in speaking to Brandon about a current or upcoming policy need, you can reach him directly at 303-590-5613 or email him at

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