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Brandon: Cap Hill's Newest Homeowner!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

This past month I had the absolute pleasure of selling one of our newest agents, Brandon, a home! Brandon joined our team back in July and we got started with his training in October. From the jump, Brandon was a bit skeptical about if he could really buy, if it was the right time, etc. However, as he started to learn more and more about real estate, he realized it was absolutely the best decision for him to enter into the market.

We looked at a handful of properties before he decided to circle back with one we had already seen and put an offer in on it! We were able to negotiate a 2/1 buy down up front with $15,000 in seller concessions AND we negotiated inspection credits. Additionally, the appraisal came back in at $12,000 above the contract price...instant equity! Woohoo!

Brandon intends to house hack this property and that was one of the biggest appeals to him of this unit. For a condo, it has a unique layout, where two bedrooms and a full bathroom are relatively private and down a separate hallway. He intends to rent out both of those bedrooms for at least $1,000/month to help him cover his mortgage. In doing so, he will be able to save faster to buy another property within a year or two.

Congratulations Brandon! I am so excited for you on the purchase of your new home! I am also so excited to watch you house hack and build your real estate portfolio! You are doing all of the right things to educate yourself to be the best agent you possibly can and to help others achieve wealth in the way that you are! Congrats again!

Property Details:

-Built in 1954

-1,330 Sq Ft

-3 Bedrooms

-2 Bathrooms

-Updated Throughout

-1 Reserved Garage Parking Spot with additional parking available

-Corner Condo & Includes Large, Secured Storage Locker

-Located in the Heart of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood

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