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Ashley & Sam: New Homeowners!

Ashley and Sam bought a house! These two lovelies contacted me back in the Spring of 2021 to chat about buying a home. I put them in touch with a great lender who spent several months helping to get them to the point of buying. Once they were ready, it was off to the races! And after a few weeks of searching and getting beat out on a couple of offers, they ended up securing a completely remodeled town home (pics below!).

The deal wasn't the smoothest I've ever had, but we got it done and the appraisal came in super high! Most importantly, these 2 get an awesome space to call their own where they can start building wealth instead of renting!

Congratulations you two! And shoutout to Cher Cruz for being amazing on the lending side!

Property Deets:

  • Built in 1983

  • Townhome

  • 1800 square feet

  • 4 bedrooms

  • 3 bathrooms

  • 2 car attached garage

  • Completely remodeled

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