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Aimee & Caitlin : New Clients, New Friends

Aimee and Caitlin found me on the website for the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP). It is always heartwarming to get a phone call from this site, knowing right away that I am working with an ally or a member of the community.

They wanted to get started pretty quickly. As soon as they got approved with their awesome lender and we were ready to start, I got covid. These two were very patient as I coordinated with other agents to get them into houses. Unfortunately, we lost out on a few offers early on. Then one day, we had a showing set on a Congress Park bungalow. Just before our showing, it was cancelled. I called the listing agent and found out that the Sellers had just tested positive for covid and the home was being pulled off the market for 2 weeks.

Slightly frustrated from previous offer losses, my clients decided to go ahead and write an offer on the home without having seen the interior! They felt that the photos, 3D tour, floor plan, what they saw of the outside, etc were enough for them to pursue it. Sure enough, the Sellers were extremely pleased to not have to wait 2 weeks for showings/offers and decided to accept! The first time my Clients ended up getting to see their beautiful new home was at the inspection! Luckily, they absolutely loved it (pics below).

The rest of the deal went smoothly. The appraisal came in $8k over and we were able to negotiate inspection credits. After an interesting covid ride, my clients closed on their home!

Congratulations Aimee & Caitlin! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I am so pleased to be able to call you friends! Cheers to you and your new home!

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