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2022 Wrapped

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

(Photo credit for ALL wedding photos: Sarah Valencia)

I hope your year was awesome! For me, 2022 was a wild ride! Here is a quick recap of what this past year looked like for me including a bunch of photos! :)


  • Married the love of my life (Kaytlyn Victoria)

  • Travelled to Hawaii and Norway for the first time

  • Rowed a half marathon

  • Sold $25 million in real estate individually

  • Added 4 agents and 1 full-time assistant to the team

  • I helped 3 of our team members achieve home-ownership

  • 47 families were helped (buyers, sellers, investors)

  • Purchased another duplex in August

  • Turned 30 years old

  • Went on our mini-moon to Joshua Tree, CA

  • Planned our full-moon to Africa in 2023

Biggest Lessons:

  • Life isn't all about work and happiness can be simply enjoying the little pleasures of life along the way

  • I am now 30 and need to take substantially better care of myself - my heart, soul, emotions, body, mind, etc.

  • Just setting boundaries isn't enough - you have to stick to them and hold the line if you want others to respect them also

  • I need to improve the quality of my thoughts and how I talk to myself or my negativity can create a self-fulfilling prophecy

2022 was a year of building, personal growth, accomplishment, and hitting my limits. I am very excited to have the opportunity to take the lessons learned, as well as the triumphs, and get 2023 off to a great start!


(Photos By: Sarah Valencia)

Everything Else:

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