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Welcome to the Team, Monica!

(Photography by Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

I am SO excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to the first agent I have hired onto my team! She's kind of amazing. Here we go...

Meet Monica Lieving.

Monica is originally from a small town in Illinois where her family still resides. She spent 4 years playing Division 1 Women's Golf at Arkansas State University, while also graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Global Supply Chain Management. During this time, she took on a 2 year internship with Lockheed Martin in the Supply Chain Excellence and Commercial Civil Space sectors. After graduating, Monica accepted a full-time position with Lockheed Martin as a Subcontract Administrator Associate here in Denver, Colorado.

Monica's journey with homes began in her childhood. Her father successfully completed several fix and flip projects and allowed Monica to tag along for the ride. During this time, she fell in love with Real Estate and houses.

Fast forward to this past Spring (2021) when a mutual friend of ours insisted that Monica and I get together for coffee. Monica had been searching for the right person/team to begin her journey in Real Estate with - someone who could provide her with the tools and guidance she needed to more quickly achieve success in this business. To be frank, I was not searching for an agent. I was searching for an assistant. Instead, I found something better. I found someone I wanted to share and build my business with. By the end of our conversation, it was a no brainer to form a partnership.

Monica has all of the characteristics I could possibly hope for in a business partner and new agent. She is personable, funny, ethical, hard working, diligent, incredibly intelligent, analytical, competitive as all get out, adaptable, caring, a self-starter, coachable and extremely determined.

When Monica isn't pursuing early retirement via her outstanding achievements, you can find her on the golf course, thrift shopping, attending concerts, reading, hiking, learning new instruments or exploring wherever she is at that time! Or better yet, working on or entertaining in her new home! (Congrats on your most recent house hack, Monica!)

I am so excited for you to meet Monica in the near future! Over the next few months, she will be learning the business inside and out as she begins working with her own network of clients. She will also be supporting my business by showing properties when I'm unavailable (actually having a day or two off) and taking on a few clients of mine.

Cheers to Monica, our growing business, and an extremely bright future for this partnership!

(Photography by Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

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