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Local Business Spotlight: Nilo Smith, Painter

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Nilo Smith

Our May small business spotlight is featuring Nilo Smith! He is the co-owner of his painting business, Smith and Son's Painting. His dad started the business about 50 years ago in Minneapolis. Nilo moved out to the Denver area about 2 years ago, bringing the business here. Nilo has been painting full-time for 10 years now!

His specialties are interior painting, ceilings, walls and trim. He also does exterior panting and epoxy for table tops, garage floors and counter tops! He primarily works in the greater Denver area, usually within 40 miles of the city, but is always open to talking to clients outside his normal territory.

Over the past year, Nilo has been focusing on developing relationships within the real estate and contracting world to help grow his business. He really appreciates what the real estate world has done for him and his girlfriend. He states, "The cost of owning a house is cheaper than renting, and you usually are getting more square footage. It is nice knowing that our money goes towards our future investments each month when we pay the mortgage."

Nilo is my go-to paint guy! He is extremely professional, timely and reliable. He is not only my guy for getting houses ready to put on the market, but he also paints my own properties! You can reach him via phone or email with the info on his business card below!

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