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Rylan Pyciak - House Hacking His Way to Retirement

Let me tell you about my best friend, Mr. Rylan Pyciak. Rylan and I met in college when he decided to join a club I had started, soon followed by him asking me on a date. He quickly realized he was barking up the wrong tree (I’m very gay), but we laughed it off and we became best friends in no time as a result. We went from college best friends to fellow entrepreneurs when Rylan started his own engineering firm out of college. We eventually decided to make the move to Denver, CO together back in 2016, in the hopes of having the lifestyle we both desired.

Rylan purchased his first home/investment on May 22nd of 2019. And guess what? EXACTLY one year later, he just closed on his 2nd investment in Denver. Why is Rylan buying houses so quickly? Because he gets it. What’s “it”? “It” is the fact that real estate is one of the most powerful financial investment tools that exists. He has taken the time to learn how real estate works, both through myself and an incredible lender partner, Nicole Rueth.

Let’s see how he’s doing..

Rylan purchased his first investment last year as a primary residence. He only had to put 3.5% down on this $462,500 Arvada home. This wonderful home features a basement unit with 2 beds, 1 bath, a full kitchen, laundry, living space, and private entrance. The upstairs unit also has 2 beds, 1 bath, a full kitchen, laundry, living area, and private entrance. His monthly payment on this investment, including taxes and insurance, is $2900. While he was living in the home for the year, he was able to rent out the basement unit for $1800/month and collected a small portion of rent from his girlfriend for sharing the upstairs unit at $500/month. In total, he was collecting $2300/month, therefore making his monthly contribution to his house about $600/month. He and his girlfriend lived upstairs in their own unit, had access to the 2 car garage/front porch, and only had to share the backyard with his downstairs tenants. Pretty good, right? It gets better… (Pics of property #1 below)

One year later, Rylan was ready to buy again. This time, he snatched up a 4 bed, 2 bath ranch with a basement unit for $417,500 in Westminster and put 5% down. His monthly payment for this home is about $2400. Rylan and his girlfriend intend to live upstairs and rent out the current basement unit. We anticipate that he’ll be able to generate close to $1,000/month for the basement unit as is and he will still be generating $500/month from his girlfriend. In total, he will collect $1500/month and he would need to contribute the $900/month difference for his new home. (Pics of property 2 below)

BUT WAIT… Now that he has moved into his new house, he is able to rent out his other home in full. Rylan just signed a lease for $4000/month on his Arvada home, which will net him close to $1000/month. That profit now can cover his portion of the payment on his Westminster home. Rylan is now living WITHOUT a living expense, while other people pay down the note on close to $900,000 worth of assets that he will eventually own free and clear with just a total of 8.5% put down. Did I mention he was able to go from paying $1,000/month in rent to this scenario in just 13 months??

If this story inspired you or got your wheels turning… let’s talk. I would LOVE the opportunity to show you how you can not only eliminate your living expense, but invest in assets that will ultimately leverage your financial position to a point of early retirement.

Until then, thanks for reading. And call me to chat about your goals.

Chelsea Steen


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