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Ray has a new home!

Ray and I first met about 2 years ago at the Denver Home & Garden Show. Ray was there with a booth for his business, Lakewood Heating & Plumbing. I was there with a booth for my real estate business. During some of the slow times, as vendors do, we socialized! At one point, Ray casually mentioned that he owned several quadplexes. And boom! As someone who is interested in and pursuing the buy-and-hold strategy within real estate, I knew he was someone I wanted to know better!

One year later, we were across from each other at the show. Turns out that Ray was looking for a house! Within 1 month, we were under contract on a new build by Lennar in Brighton. (Lennar did a phenomenal job during this crazy time of hitting deadlines and making the process seamless). Although Ray owns 31 rental units, this purchase was to be a new primary residence for him and his darling family. Congratulations on the purchase of your brand new beautiful 4 bedroom home, Ray and Lisa!

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