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Our Team Grew Again...Welcome Denver Hall!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We added another member to our team! Meet Denver Hall!

Who Is Denver?

Denver was born and raised in CO. She has lived all over the front range- Colorado Springs, Aurora, Boulder, Westminster, Longmont, and Green Mountain Falls (where she spent the most time growing up).

She attended CU Boulder and began a degree in mechanical engineering. She then worked several years in the service industry working as a barista, server, and worked for Google briefly, before coming to the realization that the normal 9-5 job was not for her.

One of her close friends at the time was a Realtor and encouraged her to get her real estate license! Denver got her license in 2021 and began her transition into the real estate world. She worked as an assistant to a Realtor while working her other full-time job. She then transitioned to working as a part-time agent and part-time assistant, before finally making her transition into a full-time agent in April of 2021!

In Denver's free time, you can catch her playing one of her many instruments- piano, trumpet and guitar! She played the trumpet in the CU marching band! Denver loves painting, digital art and video games. She has recently gotten interested in costume design and has attended several costume conventions also!

Fun Facts about Denver:

1. She grew up dog-sled racing!

2. She became a certified auto tech in High School and she has a 1988 Iroc-Z (Classic Camaro), though it's not what she typically drives to show houses :)

3. She has an indoor jungle in her house! She loves plants, especially tropical! She says she is always a sucker for homes that are well staged with plants because they bring so much life and interest to the space! Her plant addiction is real!

4. Denver is quite the animal lover! Denver has 4 cats- Nazgul, Strider, Kaiju, Zuko. You will find her (almost) 1 year old puppy, Iroh, right by her side for any hike! Iroh is a Northern Inuit Dog and related to the direwolves in Game of Thrones!

What makes her different than other agents?

Denver's background in engineering allows her to have a huge advantage in the critical thinking, detail-oriented and problem solving part of the job. She thrives in chaos, which we all know can be a challenging part of the job. Her creative passions also allow her to creatively problem-solve issues that might come up with any deal.

Being a local to the area also gives her a huge advantage! She has lived all over the greater Denver metro area and through that, is extremely familiar with all of the communities and neighborhoods around town. This helps her to connect clients with places that best suit their needs!

She prides herself as holding loyalty as her greatest quality. She hold her relationships with friends, family and clients to the highest level.

We are SO excited to have another strong and motivated female on the team! Denver, I can't wait to see you grow your business over this next year and we are so glad to have you on the team! Woohoo!

(Photo Credit: Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

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