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Our Newest Team Member: My Dad, Michael Steen!

Updated: Feb 6

(Photo Credit: Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

We added another team member... Meet my Dad, Michael Steen!

Who Is Michael?

Michael had an extremely successful career in banking for 35+ years. He was the president of 2 banks, one of which he founded, De Novo Bank. In addition to his banking career, he is also a 3-time entrepreneur. Michael served in 30+ non-profit organizations over his banking career, having executive or president roles in each.

Michael's whole career has been based on helping people. Growing up with his father as the Mayor of their town, he quickly learned the importance of public service and taking care of your community. He strives to leave his community better than when he arrived.

Throughout his banking career, he worked closely with lenders and became involved in the commercial lending process. It was an easy transition into commercial real estate, as Michael got his Ohio Commercial Real Estate License in 2019.

In October 2021, Michael moved to Colorado to be closer to me and got his Colorado Real Estate License in March of 2022!

Michael works part-time at Fossil Trace Golf Club in customer service. In his free time, you can catch him golfing, hiking and spending time with myself & Victoria (my wife), and his (our) beloved dog, Stella.

Why Is He Joining The Team?

Michael retired from his full-time work 5 years ago. He had always had an interest in real estate and it was an easy decision to get his license from his past work with lenders and banks. I was starting to grow my business at the time and it made sense for him to obtain his license so that he can assist me in the growth of my business and career.

Michael's past professional career gives him a leg up on other newer agents. His marketing, sales and networking experience allows him to be successful in generating leads and referrals. He prides himself on being extremely trustworthy and has a true passion for real estate!

Michael is excited to be able to assist and support me in this next phase of my career by helping with showings, widening my sphere of influence and bringing in new clients. I am so excited to have my dad on our team and be able to work side by side!

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