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Megan: New Littleton Homeowner!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Megan and I were introduced through our newest agent, Kristen, a couple of years ago. Kristen and Megan have become extremely close friends and by nature of Kristen being one of my close friends, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Megan on a handful of occasions.

Megan reached out to Kristen and had a consultation with her a couple of months ago. Kristen quickly directed Megan to talk to a couple of our Lenders. Megan got approved with our amazing Lender, Cher Cruz, with Academy Mortgage, and had already selected a handful of homes she wanted to look at.

Kristen and I went and showed Megan those homes together one evening. Megan decided she wanted to pursue one of the houses! We quickly got an offer together, and after some back and forth negotiations, ultimately we got the deal under contract!

While under contract, we were able to negotiate inspection credits, work getting done on the property and even reduced the purchase price by another $5,000...on top of the original seller concessions she had already received to help buy her interest rate down!

Congratulations Megan! Kristen and I are so proud of you and so honored to have worked with you on the purchase of your first home! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

Property Details:

-Built in 1983

-900 Square Feet

-2 Bedrooms

-2 Bathrooms

-1 Reserved Parking Space

-Tons of Natural Light

-Wood Burning Fireplace

-Minutes from Chatfield State Park, Shops & Restaurants

-Great Amenities Including a Pool, Dog Park, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts & More

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