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Local Business Spotlight: Colorado Structural Repair

Updated: Feb 28

This month's business spotlight features Colorado Structural Repair. CSR is a local, family-owned-and-operated business that has been around for over 12 years now!

CSR is owned by Byron Johnson. Byron started the company with his wife back in 2012 as a crack repair company. Over the years, they eventually expanded as the demand grew!

Colorado Structural Repair prides themselves on being a local, family-owned business. Building long-term relationships with their clients is top priority. Their communication is top-notch and they always strive to give clients the best possible experience. They are upfront and honest with the repair recommendations. CSR believes in the importance of educating clients.

Working with Realtors is a daily occurrence with Colorado Structural Repair. They enjoy helping the Realtors and clients throughout the process to provide guidance of what is needed. All of their staff love interacting and meeting new people and learning about their stories. They also enjoy getting to see different houses each day.

I have been using CSR for several years now and have nothing but good things to say! We always have a great experience with them. CSR even provided a training for our team last month to further our education on common structural issues found in homes. If you are interested in seeing how CSR can help you, reach out to them on their contact page on their website or give them a call!

Contact Information:

Phone: 720-441-3611

Here are a few photos from their past jobs:

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