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Local Business Spotlight: Lisa Lundquist: Insurance Expert!

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Lisa Lundquist

(Photo credit: Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

Meet Lisa Lundquist, our awesome insurance expert! Lisa is an extremely reliable, diligent and passionate insurance broker. When I first got licensed in real estate, Lisa was working in title insurance and poured into my business. I am so ecstatic to be able to now work with her on the homeowners insurance side after a handful of years of getting to know her and work with her.

Lisa is a broker at Goosehead Insurance. Why choose Goosehead Insurance? They have over 25 carrier relationships just in CO, which allows them to shop among the carriers for the best rates for your needs! They will be able to find you the best rates for home, auto, renter’s, landlord policies, life, commercial, and umbrella insurance policies!

Lisa has been working in the insurance industry for several years now. She is one of our go-to brokers and we have nothing but good things to say about her! From our past experience working with her personally and referring her out to our clients, she is always timely, professional, hard-working and focused on developing a long-term relationship. She loves helping people make smart decisions about their insurance and helping them figure out what they actually need! She has been an incredible resource in my business every time I have an insurance question about the many nuances of Colorado real estate - flood zones, fire policies, hail storms, pools, etc.

Lisa is an amazing partner in my business and again, I could not recommend her more! If you would like to speak with Lisa to see how she can help you, please find her information below!

Phone: (720) 780-7727

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