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Kelley & Cayley

Where do I even start with these two lovebirds? Let’s try the beginning… Kelley and Cayley were referred to me through a friend during COVID. We set up a Zoom meeting to get to know one another virtually and another meeting to run them through the home buying process. From our first call, I knew these two were going to be a dream to work with! They were organized, intelligent, serious about their goals, easy-going, and hysterically funny.

Within 2-3 weeks, we were out looking at homes, masks and all. One of the first homes we looked at ended up being the one they wanted! We put in a strong offer, and despite some competition, they were under contract later that night! The under contract process went swimmingly. They received credits from the Seller and ended up with a high appraisal! Things went so well that we actually had a clear to close just 11 days after the contract was signed. At closing, they ended up with an incredible 3 bed, 2 bath, nearly 2000 sq ft home that sits on a beautiful 15,800 sq ft oasis of a lot (pics below).

Congratulations to these 2 first-time buyers who quickly became 2 of my all-time favorite clients! They have already sent FIVE people to one of my classes! I just can’t say enough great things about them!

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