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Josh: Let The House Hacking Begin!

You know.. there really is nothing better than getting to help your friends start building wealth! Especially when you get to work with hilarious people like Josh!

Josh and I met through a mutual friend/client (thank you Kelley and Cayley!!!!) at a golf outing. Josh was very kind and let me use his driver, with which I promptly out drove him. We had a great time. Josh and I got to know each other more over the next several months through group hangouts. One time Josh even said he was uninterested in purchasing a property.

Fast forward a few more months and Josh and I are getting beers to talk about him buying a property! (LOL). I was PUMPED for him to get started. He described how he was extremely interested in purchasing a property with the intention of it being an investment property. Soon enough, we had a plan hashed out for how Josh would acquire either a multi-unit property or a single-family home that he would house hack.

Josh and I looked at several places before he decided to write an offer. And guess what? He got under contract on the FIRST OFFER HE WROTE! He didn't pay over the appraised value, we got credits for inspection, and he closed on this great home in just 2 weeks! Shoutout to Abby McDaniel (one of our incredible preferred lenders) for making these 2 week closings happen!

Congratulations on closing on your first home and house hack, Josh!! See you on the next one, buddy.

Property details:

Built in 1958

2270 Square Feet

4 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1 Car Garage

6,174 Square Foot Lot

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