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Fiona & John: Repeat Clients & Now Thornton Homeowners

Fiona, John and I originally met through my good friends, Kelley and Cayley (Shoutout to Kelley & Cayley for the gift that keeps on giving with introducing us)! Fiona and John actually purchased their first property with me a couple of years ago. It was a super cute, new-build townhome in Thornton that they have loved living in! However, the plan was for them to turn it into a rental.

Lo and behold, a couple of years later, they were ready to buy their next place! Fiona and John quickly got pre-approved and we had a brief consultation to chat about the market and get their search set-up.

They went out and started looking at properties with an amazing agent on my team. Shoutout to Kristen for taking such great care of them during the search process! After a couple of weeks, they found a property that they really liked; however, after I ran comps on the property, we discovered it was substantially overpriced. We got together a strategy and got an offer together for them! We submitted the offer knowing full-well that the Seller might not take it, and that they might need to move on. The Seller ended up sending us the perfect Counter-offer that lined up with where the comps were falling! Soon enough, these guys were under contract and paying the appropriate amount for this great home!

The property ended up appraising for slightly over the contract price, and we were able to negotiate additional repairs and credits at the inspection, despite the inspection being pretty clean overall!

The last dance that we had to do throughout the process was get Fiona's primary residence rented out with an active lease agreement in place before closing. I was able to give them resources for photography and an attorney for the lease review, as well as the softwares that I use as a landlord. After a few weeks, Fiona successfully found an excellent tenant and arranged for her primary residence to be rented out, aligning perfectly with her and John's move to their new home! This means that Fiona and John were able to close on their new property with a tenant already in place for her current property so that she wouldn't have to skip a beat in terms of rental income.

Congratulations Fiona and John! There are no words for how truly honored I feel that you chose to work with me again. Your trust, loyalty and friendship mean the absolute world to me and I want to make sure you know how special it makes me feel! Congratulations again on your new home!!

Property Details:

-Built in 1999

-2,688 Sq Ft

-4 Bedrooms

-3 Bathrooms

-2 Car, Attached Garage

-Walk-in Closets In 3 Of The Bedrooms

-New Patio & Plum & Apple Trees In The Backyard

-Walking Distance To Skylake Park, Multiple Walking Trails, Various Other Parks & Library In The Desirable Skylake Ranch Area 

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