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Claire vs House

Claire and I met on a ski trip in Lake Tahoe through 2 mutual friends and clients of mine. I instantly knew that she was a smart cookie through conversations we had on the vacation. Luckily, despite my intoxication level on the trip, she decided to work with me as her Realtor.

Almost as soon as Claire moved back to Denver from New York and got settled in, we began the hunt! It became very clear very quickly that Claire did not really want a “move-in ready” home. She was craving a bit of a project. Soon enough, we stumbled across an incredible 2,294 square foot, 5 bed, 2 bath home in the Harvey Park area of Denver. It has an attached 1 car garage, sheds, a/c AND a swamp cooler, original hard wood floors throughout, and strong bones. After a few days of negotiating and competing against cash investors, we got this fixer-upper tied up! When it was all said and done, the appraisal came in substantially over the contract price AND we negotiated several thousand dollars worth of credits… AKA.. she underpaid for the home AND now has some additional money to get started on the renovations.

(Check out the official “before” photos below. I have a sneaking suspicion that “after” photos will be coming in the not too distant future for this one.)

Congratulations, Claire! You deserve this awesome home and all of its potential!

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