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Brandon: Newest Aurora House-Hacker!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I had the honor of meeting Brandon through two of my online classes that I teach. Brandon stuck around after one of the classes and we talked a little bit about his goals. He eventually ended up reaching out and asked if I would be willing to work with him!

Of course I said yes, and in fact, I was excited to! I looked at a couple of homes with Brandon in the Fall of 2022 where we narrowed down the locations he was looking at. However, he just wasn't quite finding what he was looking for in single family homes to make the numbers work for him on a house-hack.

After a couple of months, a great property came on the market in Aurora and much to our surprise, it was a townhome! We wrote an offer on the property and were denied by the seller. Rather than going back to the seller right away, we decided to play a little bit of a waiting game.

Two weeks later, we submitted the exact offer as the original to the seller to which they responded with a reasonable counter-offer, and we went under contract! Through the inspection process, we were able to negotiate some credits, Brandon received $15,000 in concessions up front from the seller to buy down his interest rate, and the home appraised above the contract price! All in all, it was a great deal for him!

Brandon, what a great find this was! I could not be more thrilled that you are closing on a 6- bedroom, 4-bathroom townhome that has 2 full kitchens so you can house hack your way to financial freedom! Congratulations! It was an absolute honor to work with you and I look forward to working with you on your next one! A quadplex, right?! :)

Property Details:

-Built in 1974

-2,638 Square Feet

-6 Bedrooms

-4 Bathrooms

- 2 Car Detached Garage

-Move-In Ready

-Finished Basement with Full 2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom Apartment

-Private Back Patio

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