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Brandon & Miranda

After TWO YEARS of working hard with Christina DeLaTorre of Caliber Home Loans, Brandon and Miranda were ready to buy! Christina referred them to me and we were off to the races. After attending one of my Home Buying 101 classes, we started looking at homes together! After some time of eliminating criteria and identifying the best area for their needs, these two lovebirds decided to buy in Greeley. Just as we saw several homes that would be a great fit, covid came. But for these two hardworking individuals, covid offered an opportunity of less competition and a few moments of increased negotiating power. And so they pounced!

We were quickly under contract on a super cute 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with an unfinished basement and room to grow, despite working in an unbelievably competitive price range. While under contract, we negotiated credits from the Sellers, a few repairs AND a 1 year home warranty. The best part about this whole transaction? Our parking lot curbside closing featuring celebratory mimosas!

Congratulations to two EXTREMELY hard working clients who deserve this incredible home to call their own.

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