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Anna Cohen: Owner of UnClutterCO

Meet Anna Cohen, the owner and founder of UnClutterCO, a professional organizing business. Anna’s mission is to help you create beautiful and functional spaces in your home and to help reclaim time in your life, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Anna typically finds herself working with people who are in a transitional stage, whether that is moving in, moving out, relocating, downsizing, growing a family, etc. Not only can she help to sort, shop and create systems in your house that keep you organized in the long-term, she can also help with moving preparation and unpacking your house. Regardless of what your organizational needs may be, there is no job that is too big or too small for Anna and UnClutterCo.

Organizing and decluttering is an intimate process where you will face your emotional attachments to “stuff”. Anna is just the person you need to help you in your personal and unique organizational projects! Anna not only comes from a place of non-judgment, but she is extremely patient, understanding, empathetic, compassionate and kind. Anna has a magnetic and warm personality that will turn a daunting task into a fun experience. Her goal is not to force you to get rid of or part with things you are attached to, but rather, to keep just the things you need, use and love.

Anna feels lucky to own a business that aligns so well with her passions! She is altruistic and loves to help people improve their lives. Through her work, she is able to utilize her strengths of being detail-oriented, creative, meticulous, strategic and systematic. In doing so, she helps her clients to decrease their stress and anxiety levels to ultimately live a happier life. And let’s be honest.. we could all use a little less anxiety and stress right now!

If you are interested in setting up a consultation with Anna or learning more about her business and pricing, you can reach her in the following ways!

Email –

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