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Lakewood Plumbing & Heating, LLC

Are you in need of a GREAT plumbing, heating or air conditioning company for your commercial or residential building(s)? I've got great news for you... the search is OVER. Meet Torrey Cosgrove, Ray Chavez, and Lynnette Salter, the owners of Lakewood Plumbing & Heating, LLC.

Torrey and Lynnette (left photo) are engineers who were working in the field when they decided they would be better off as hands-on owners of a company. They purchased Lakewood Plumbing & Heating, LLC back in 1997 from Art Kyle, then later brought in Ray Chavez (right photo - far left) as an owner around 2015. The company was originally established in 1972, making this local company 48 years old to date!

Lakewood Plumbing & Heating, LLC specializes in plumbing, heating and mechanical work for residential and commercial properties. They work with furnaces, a/c units, sewer lines, water lines, drain cleaning, etc. They are unique in nature in that they are a smaller shop (~25 employees) who can handle larger projects. As a result, customers get more attention and care. Their hiring philosophy is simple.. hire good human beings. They believe in having honest, quality, ethical people over technical ability. Technical ability can be taught, while values cannot. They also pride themselves on having fair and competitive pricing. If you are interested in getting a quote, fill out a form on their website.

Outside of working on residential and commercial buildings, the owners of Lakewood Plumbing & Heating, LLC are no strangers to real estate investing. Ray (a client of mine) owns 31 rentals! Torrey and Lynnette own several residential rental units, previously owned commercial units and previously owned a commercial property rental business. When selecting contractors, it is a big deal whether the owners actually OWN homes. If they do, you will inevitably receive a higher level of care and expertise. With that said, hiring these guys should be a no-brainer!

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