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Meet The Team: Brandon Dazzo

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

(Photo credit: Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

We grew again!! Please welcome Brandon Dazzo to our team as our newest agent! (as of October 22)

Who is Brandon?

Brandon is originally from Pueblo, Colorado, where his family still resides today. He moved up to Denver about 15 years ago and knows the area extremely well! Brandon attended University of Colorado Denver, where he has since graduated with a Bachelor's in Geography and a Master's in Counseling. Throughout his time in school, he worked in a variety of positions. From being a certified yoga instructor at Core Power Yoga for a few years to being a Salon and Wedding Coordinator, Brandon has no shortage of working with people on achieving their goals. Additionally, for the past 10 years he has worked as one of the main bartenders at one of the most popular LGBTQ+ bars in Denver - XBar.

Brandon is extremely passionate about fitness. Outside of being a certified yoga instructor, he also has a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do from 10 years of practice, as well as a first degree black belt in Kenpo! In addition to these fitness accomplishments, he is very active at Cycle Bar and loves to hike!

(Photo credit: Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

Why He Will Succeed

  • People first: He has an immense amount of experience working with people. He is incredibly personable and relationship-oriented. This business is all about relationships and taking care of others. Brandon makes it look easy.

  • Dedication: It's not hard to tell from Brandon's background that he is very dedicated (2 degrees, certifications, multiple black belts, etc). He is a very hard worker and not afraid to put the time in to achieve success. As anyone knows, real estate is a very real grind. Brandon has what it takes to push past the hard times.

  • Ethical: The moment you meet Brandon you can feel his warmth and sincerity. He genuinely wants to help people and takes a very caring approach in his interactions with others. As such, Brandon is trustworthy and will be able to represent other people's best interests on their largest purchases.

  • Fearless: The first time I really interacted with Brandon was at XBar. I was waiting on another lead bartender there that I wanted to support, but after a few minutes had passed, Brandon walked up to me and pointedly asked "Are you ordering from them or are you ordering with me?" After a second of shock I responded with "You - forever." This one moment helped me see that Brandon isn't afraid to have difficult conversations, he doesn't stress about competition, and he has self-respect/knows what he offers people. Working in a business like real estate where clients, vendors and other agents constantly step all over your boundaries, it takes these characteristics to have longevity in the field. Brandon isn't afraid to ask the hard questions and this will serve him and his clients well in negotiations.

(Photo credit: Kaytlyn Perez Photography)

How is Brandon Doing?

Brandon is slaying the real estate game. He quit his full time job in the early summer and has since closed a handful of deals. He is learning SO quickly and taking GREAT care of his clients. Brandon is also a team player. He is constantly offering up his time to me to show houses, run errands for our team events, etc. Brandon has been an absolute dream to work with and I am SO excited to watch his continued growth!

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