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Chelsea is my current business coach and I cannot recommend her enough - especially if you want to take your Real Estate Business to the next level. She quickly and efficiently evaluated my business by having me complete a business plan for myself. I went from 0$ in sales to $1.8 million, soon to be $2.2 million over the span of roughly 12 months. She is more than capable to coach new, seasoned, and high volume producing agents because of her techniques, coaching, and accountability. Chelsea has the Midas touch, or a high-powered, secret weapon that has helped take my business to the next level. I find value in the strategic tasks, recommendations, and business mindset she has ingrained in me. Chelsea knows more about the business, and how to attract clients more than anyone I know. If it wasn't for her, I would still be trying to figure it out. I cannot recommend her enough. She is personable, thoughtful, and holds herself as well as her mentees to a high standard. She is remarkably good at helping me problem solve, and find ways to achieve my measurable goals. Her energy and success is contagious. I would recommend reaching out sooner than later, because I don't think it will be very long until she has a waitlist - I'm very lucky to have started with her when I did. THANK YOU Chelsea for your time, effort, and energy. You are one of a kind, and I wouldn't be where I am without you. I'm excited to continue our coaching sessions so I can achieve an even higher sales goal for next year. You are the best. :) 




What Does Coaching Cost?


$400/Hr Package With A Minimum Spend of 5 Hours ($2,000)


One 30-minute call every week at $200/Week 


1-2 Hour Long Calls Per Month at $400 Per Hour

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Business coaching for small businesses unlocks the potential within your company, guiding you through the complexities of growth, strategy, and management. My coaching approach is tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that small businesses face, offering personalized strategies that lead to measurable results. Whether you aim to increase revenue, enhance team productivity, or achieve a better work-life balance, I am here to support and propel you toward your business goals. Sign up today to start transforming your business into the vision of success you've always dreamed of! Package options are below!

What Is Real Estate & Business Coaching? 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate Coaching: 

What is real estate coaching?

Real estate coaching involves personalized mentoring and training provided by experienced professionals in the real estate industry. It aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of real estate agents to boost their business success.

How can real estate coaching benefit my career?

Coaching can provide you with the strategies, support, and accountability needed to achieve your real estate business goals, improve sales techniques, and increase your understanding of the market.


What topics are covered in real estate coaching?

Topics can range from lead generation, negotiation tactics, marketing strategies, client relationship management, to time management and personal branding in the real estate industry.


Do I need real estate coaching if I'm already successful?

Yes, even successful real estate professionals benefit from coaching to refine their strategies, stay ahead of market trends, and overcome new challenges in the business.

How long does a real estate coaching program last?

Programs can vary widely, from a few weeks to several months or even years, depending on the depth of coaching and individual goals.

What's the difference between real estate coaching and business coaching?

Real estate coaching is specifically tailored to the real estate sector, focusing on industry-specific challenges and opportunities, while business coaching is broader, addressing general business management and growth strategies.

Can real estate coaching help me with digital marketing?

Yes, many coaches offer guidance on leveraging digital marketing tools and social media to enhance your online presence and attract more clients.

Is real estate coaching suitable for new agents?

Absolutely, newcomers can significantly benefit from coaching to quickly learn effective practices and avoid common mistakes in the real estate business.

How do I choose the right real estate coach for me?

Research their background, experience, coaching philosophy, and success stories. Look for a coach whose expertise aligns with your personal and professional growth objectives.

Can real estate coaching be done virtually?

Yes, many coaches offer online coaching sessions, making it convenient to receive guidance regardless of your location.

Will I receive any materials or resources during my coaching?

Typically, yes. Most coaches provide tools, resources, and sometimes access to exclusive industry reports to support your learning and development.

How is success measured in real estate coaching?

Success can be measured by your achievement of personal goals set at the beginning of the coaching program, such as increased sales, improved client satisfaction, or enhanced market knowledge.

Can real estate coaching assist with stress management?

Yes, real estate coaches often address work-life balance and stress management strategies, recognizing these as key factors in sustained business success and personal well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions on Small Business Coaching: 

What is small business coaching?

Small business coaching is a personalized guidance program where experienced business coaches provide advice, strategies, and support to small business owners, helping them to achieve their business goals, improve performance, and navigate the challenges of running a business.

How can small business coaching impact my business growth?

With the help of a small business coach, you can identify growth opportunities, develop effective strategies for market expansion, enhance your leadership skills, and streamline your business operations for increased profitability.

What areas can a small business coach help me improve?

A coach can assist you in various aspects including business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, sales techniques, employee management, customer relationship, and productivity improvement.

Is investing in small business coaching worth it?

Absolutely. The investment in coaching is often outweighed by the returns in terms of business growth, increased efficiency, and the ability to avoid costly mistakes through expert advice.

Can small business coaching help me if I'm struggling with work-life balance?

Yes, many small business coaches focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve a better work-life balance, recognizing its importance for long-term success and personal satisfaction.

What makes small business coaching different from consulting?

Small business coaching is more personalized and focuses on building your capabilities to run your business more effectively. Consulting usually involves providing business solutions or strategies for specific problems.

How long do I need small business coaching?

The duration can vary based on your specific needs and goals. Some entrepreneurs find value in a few sessions, while others maintain a coaching relationship for several months or even ongoing support.

How do I find the right small business coach for me?

Look for a coach with experience in your industry or with the particular challenges you're facing. Check their references, success stories, and coaching methodology to ensure they align with what you're looking for.

Can small business coaching be conducted remotely?

Yes, many coaches offer remote coaching via phone, email, or video conferencing platforms, making it convenient and accessible for business owners everywhere.

What can I expect from my first small business coaching session?

Typically, the first session involves assessing your current business situation, discussing your goals, and identifying areas for improvement. It sets the foundation for your coaching plan and establishes the coach-client relationship.

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